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THE MANILA TIMES Our Philosophy 1) Easy website accessibility 2) Save the environment 3) Help other people by microfinancing 1) Easy website accessibility We want the website to be simple, readable and user friendly for everyone; old and young and also for the ones with a visual handicap. So that is why the fonts are larger than you use to see on other websites and also every clickable image or word has a large hotspot to make clicking easier. There is always room for improvement so please let us know when something needs to be changed to improve our website or newspapers. 2) Save the environment Save the environment by making available online papers and books and so saving trees. By reducing transport of trees, paper, ink and in the end newspapers and books, also less CO2 is emitted. 3) Help other people by microfinancing Help other people by microfinancing through Kiva. Part of our profit will be invested to help people to start or extend their business through Kiva.                                  * * * * *           press|tige is a Business Unit of press|terra